Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Total control comes from its core.

The satisfaction of the drive comes from symmetry and balance. That is why Subaru has been developing and perfecting the Symmetrical AWD system since 1972. Matched with the SUBARU BOXER engine for a near-perfect symmetrical layout, it delivers gratifying power with exceptional traction, providing balance and stability for total control in ever-shifting road conditions.

Symmetrical AWD

Dynamic Performance

Excellent road adhesion gives acceleration an immediate and exhilarating feel. Symmetry enhances the Subaru XV’s handling to be more stable and responsive during cornering, imparting a unique feeling of control in any situation.

Constant Contact

The more your tyres are engaging the road, the greater control, security and connection you have. Power is routed to all four wheels all the time, maximising handling and traction.

Agility in an Emergency

In bad weather, or in the precious seconds it takes to react to a sudden situation, the symmetrical drivetrain with almost total side-to-side balance provides the stability, agility and traction that help you step around danger.

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