About Subaru Palm Challenge

Subaru Palm Challenge

The Subaru Car Challenge (affectionately or also known as Palm Challenge) is an annual endurance challenge in search of the longest standing contestant who can keep his/her palm on the car the entire time. Contestants only have four 5 minutes break sessions every 6 hours. The longest standing record holds at 82 hours and 16 minutes.

Adding to the pressure, this is a rain or shine outdoor event. As such, participants have to endure all weather elements. It is a true test of one's physical capability and mental strength that mirrors the spirit of Subaru owners.

This year, the Subaru Palm Challenge will be returning for its 16th year with the Finals at Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City on 28 October 2017, 1pm. It is now known as Asia's largest endurance challenge. Started out with only 120 Singaporean contestants in 2002, the Subaru Palm Challenge has now grew massively in strength and presence, attracting 400 contestants all over Asia.

The preliminary challenges kicks off in 9 countries this July (China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines). Top 10 finalists from each of these countries will be invited on an all-expense paid trip to Singapore for the Final Challenge in October. They will also compete with Singapore contestants to win the Grand Prize of a Subaru.

Subaru Palm Challenge